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Published on June 01, 2020

Providing Peace of Mind Through Advanced Technology

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Carolyn Brock is a pioneer.

The 45-year-old married mother of two made history at EvergreenHealth in July 2011 when she became the first to experience the new 3-D mammography known as tomosynthesis.

It's the newest weapon in EvergreenHealth's cancer-fighting arsenal.

Carolyn's journey began when her primary care provider saw something of concern with her left breast and referred her to the EvergreenHealth Breast Health Center for a mammogram.

"They first did a regular mammogram, but the results weren't clear because of my dense breast tissue," she recalls. "That's when we did the 3-dimensional mammogram."

The Advantage of 3-D Technology

Similar to conventional mammograms, 3-D mammograms position the breast the same and compress it to disperse the breast tissue.

With a 3-D mammogram, the x-ray moves in an arc around the breast, collecting images at 1-millimeter intervals. This allows the computer to produce detailed 3-D images, which can reveal cancers normally not seen with a conventional mammogram.

The difference is in the remarkable 3-D technology.

There are several advantages to 3-D mammography, with the first being its ability to detect breast cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages.
EvergreenHealth's survival rates are already impressive, beating national and state standards; the addition of 3-D mammography holds the promise of offering women an even more hopeful future.

Another advantage is peace of mind.

"If I'd only had a routine mammogram, I definitely would have been called back because of my dense breast tissue," Brock reveals. "That would have meant days of worry and waiting. With this new 3-D machine, I got the all-clear right away...and not having to worry is a big thing!"
Almost immediately after the 3-D unit became operational, EvergreenHealth saw a 40% decrease in the number of women who had to come back for additional exams.

EvergreenHealth at the Forefront of Technology

EvergreenHealth's first 3-D mammography unit was funded by donations made at the EvergreenHealth Gala and raised the money needed to purchase the new technology.

The Breast Health Center is the first facility in King County to offer 3-D mammography.

With a relatively high incidence rate of breast cancer throughout Washington state, EvergreenHealth remains committed to providing the highest level of care and most advanced technology to help our patients.

For More Information About 3-D Mammography

You can make a mammography appointment by calling 425.899.2831.

Learn more about 3-D mammography at EvergreenHealth

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