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Published on May 26, 2020

Top 10 Benefits of 3-D Mammography at EvergreenHealth

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#1 - 3-D mammography can detect breast cancer at its earliest stages.
This powerful diagnostic tool can see potential cancers earlier than they can be seen on traditional 2-D mammography. Since we began offering 3-D mammography, EvergreenHealth is seeing a 10% increase in detection of breast cancer that would not have been seen using 2-D mammography.

#2 - Peace of mind that comes with greater accuracy at the initial screening.
With the accuracy of 3-D mammography, patients at EvergreenHealth experienced a 25% decrease in call-backs, resulting in greater peace of mind.

#3 - Readings are more precise, thanks to clearer images.
Each screening is composed of a set of 1mm-thin images that are collected as the machine moves in an arc above your breast to recreate a three-dimensional image. Radiologists literally see through the tissue, one sliced image at a time.

#4 - It’s familiar, but better.
The procedure is identical to traditional 2-D mammography. All that will feel different is the quality of the results.

#5 - Low-dose x-ray images yield little risk.
The radiation produced by a 3-D screening is similar to the amount travelers are exposed to on a flight across the country and back. Decreases in the need for call-backs mean less radiation exposure over multiple visits, as well.

#6 - More choice at the same cost.
EvergreenHealth charges the same for 3-D mammography as it used to charge for a 2-D mammogram.

#7 - Younger women receive more thorough screenings.
3-D technology does a better job evaluating denser breast tissue, which is common among younger women.

#8 - Our superior excellence in breast imaging affords patients the highest quality of care.
EvergreenHealth’s Breast Imaging Center is accredited by The American College of Radiology and is recognized as a Center of Excellence through the ACR and the NQMBC.

#9 - Our mammography team reviews your results.
This provides a range of perspectives from EvergreenHealth’s team of breast health experts.

#10 - Mammography where it’s most convenient.
EvergreenHealth offers 3-D mammography at the Breast Health Center in Kirkland and at EvergreenHealth Primary Care in Kenmore.

3-D mammography is also available aboard our mobile mammography coach, which travels throughout the Eastside bringing mammography to you at convenient community locations. Appointments can be scheduled ahead of time via an online form or simply by walking up to the coach.

Schedule your mammogram online, call (425) 899-2831.

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