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Published on May 26, 2020

Diabetes Resources

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Smart Phone Apps for Diabetes Care

Managing your diabetes is easier than ever with the help of new apps for your smart phone. They can help you keep tabs on blood glucose control, your medications, food, exercise and a lot more.

The following list of top apps is based on reviews from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Washington State University and the University of Florida. The cost of the apps ranges from free to $6.99. Each one has its strong points and weaknesses; it’s up to you and what you like, so check them out and find the best fit for your lifestyle.


Save time and eliminate errors by downloading your blood glucose readings directly from your glucometer to your smart phone. Record, carbohydrate intake, medication doses, activity levels and water intake. You can email your logbook simply by tapping a button.

Islet 2.2

Quick and easy data entry of blood glucose readings, carbohydrates intake, medications, exercise and an area to input notes. Clear graphics and easy to use.

dLife Diabetes Companion

The dLife Diabetes Companion offers carbohydrate intake, medications, and activity levels but also offers one of the more extensive nutritional data bases as well as carb-friendly recipes. Provides graphics that look at the association of food, carbs, medication and blood glucose levels.

Glucose Buddy

Manually enter blood glucose numbers, carbohydrate intake medication dosage and activities. The app has graphics to show patterns in blood glucose.


Tracks carbohydrate intake, blood glucose results and medication doses. It includes logbook, trend chart, email reports, color-coded results, video content and customizable target ranges for hypo- and hyper -glycemia limits and mealtime schedules.

Vree for Diabetes

Includes blood glucose tracking, food and activity tracking and medication tracking. It also includes progress charts and blood pressure log and trend line.


Keeps track of blood glucose levels, carbohydrate intake, medications as well as blood pressure, weight physical activity levels and pulse.

Blood Sugar Tracker

Record blood glucose levels, set target ranges, view history and simple graphs that show when you are outside target ranges.

Image of the cover of the Diabetes Cookbook from EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, WA.

Diabetes Cookbook

Diabetes doesn’t have to mean sticking to a bland diet! There are lots of creative and delicious recipes that are also consistent with a healthy diet. They’re good for you – and for the whole family.

To help you get started, we’ve prepared an online collection of recipes to help you keep your diabetes in check. The recipes are favorites of EvergreenHealth staff and other caring people in the community.

We hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as we do. Try them, trade them and create your own inventory of scrumptious and healthy meals.

Download the EvergreenHealth diabetes cookbook

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