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Published on December 01, 2021

A Fresh Start: A Kirkland Woman's Journey to Lasting Relief

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When Kirkland resident Wendy DeRobbio isn't busy parenting her two daughters, or balancing her career as a program manager for King County, you're likely to find her at an Eastside mixed martial arts studio that she owns with her husband.

For a decade, Wendy battled relentless pain—severe abdominal cramping, painful menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding for the majority of each month. After pursuing several interventions, including a surgical procedure to remove her uterine lining, Wendy finally felt relief from her constant pain.

But in October 2020, the surgery unexpectedly failed; Wendy's symptoms returned with more pain. She was soon referred to EvergreenHealth OB/GYN, Dr. Semonti Hossain. Together, they decided the best option for managing Wendy's symptoms was a hysterectomy.

"When I met Dr. Hossain, I was surprised by the number of hysterectomy choices available. I imagined I'd have a huge scar," shared Wendy. "With Dr. Hossain's guidance, we decided to move forward with a laparoscopic hysterectomy, which was much less invasive." While Wendy awaited surgery, she chatted with EvergreenHealth nurses and anesthesiologists. They comforted her and raved about Dr. Hossain's compassionate and high-quality care, quickly lessening Wendy's pre-surgery nerves.

"A hysterectomy is a significant procedure, and for many women, an emotional decision," Dr. Hossain described. By the time I met Wendy, she was mentally where she needed to be, and we created a plan to proceed with the procedure."

Within days of surgery, Wendy's pain vanished, along with all symptoms prior to her hysterectomy. She quickly learned the reason for her pain and failed ablation. She suffered from adenomyosis, a condition where endometrial tissue exists and grows within the uterus. "Although a hysterectomy is an elective procedure, I knew it was right for me after meeting with Dr. Hossain. She is the best—she's personable, vibrant and gave me a sense of confidence in both myself and her," Wendy said.

"I'm not accepting of a woman's life being prohibited by her menses," Dr. Hossain explained. "An important part of my practice is to offer minimally invasive treatments to help give women a better quality of life."

Semonti Hossain Meet the Expert

Semonti Hossain, MD

Dr. Semonti Hossain is a native of Bothell and is excited to be returning to serve her community after spending the past several years providing care to women in the greater Boston area. Over these years, she has developed a variety of interests including management of low and high risk pregnancies as well as infertility, menopausal health, family planning, and laparoscopic gynecologic surgery. She also has an active interest in global health and has worked abroad in Haiti and Bangladesh with an interest in improving maternal health. She is also passionate about mentoring the next generation of medical professionals as well as improving patient education and experience.

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