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Published on May 28, 2020

Pad-free! (Despite My MS)

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When I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I had no idea how MS would change my body and my life. Thankfully I have a good support system but even with a good support system, some things just seemed overwhelming – like losing my urine all the time, wetting my clothes, wetting on my wheelchair and going through an endless supply of pads – it seemed like I was doomed to a soggy existence until my neurologist referred me to Athena to get my bladder under better control.

Unlike some offices that make you feel like an imposition if you roll in on a wheelchair, the Athena staff welcomed me warmly and had plenty of space for me, my husband, and my caregiver with easy exam tables for transfers. The doctors treated me like any other woman and talked openly about my pelvic health including my goals for regaining bladder control, and even being able to be sexually active again. I had been avoiding intimacy since I was wet in a pad most of the time, and I dearly missed this part of my marriage and wanted it back.

The doctors at Athena explained how we could get my bladder back under control and offered me several options to choose from.  After checking my kidneys and assuring I didn’t have an infection, the doctors recommended bladder Botox and a suprapubic tube to control my urine flow.  I was dry immediately and was back in regular underwear which may not sound like a big deal to some but I can tell you it was the world to me.

I’ve learned how to manage the tube easily and it fits discretely under my clothes.  The catheter is not attached to a bag—I simply open the tube when I need to empty my bladder and drain it in the toilet.  No even knows the tube is there! I’m finally dry and I feel good about myself and back in control.  Oh-and I’m excited to report that my husband and I have resumed our active sex life once again.  Thank you Athena!

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