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Published on May 30, 2020

Meatless Mondays

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Have you heard of the “Meatless Monday” movement?

The goal is to encourage people to refrain from eating meat one day a week.

The idea behind the movement is two-fold:

  1. less meat and more vegetables and fruit can reduce the risk of chronic health issues
  2. less meat consumption helps conserve water and energy and lessens greenhouse gas emissions.

For our purposes, we’ll focus on reducing the risk of chronic health issues.

Many chronic health problems can be attributed to too much red meat and high-fat dairy and too little vegetables and fruits in the diet.

These chronic health problems can be very expensive to treat – and, more importantly, chronic diseases are the leading cause of death according to the World Health Organization.

So what health conditions might you help to avoid by adopting Meatless Mondays?

  • Heart disease – increased consumption of red meat and processed meats is associated with an increased risk of heart disease.
  • Obesity – plant-based diets high in fiber help to curb obesity.
  • Type II diabetes – according to a recent JAMA study, diets with more fruits and vegetables and less meat (especially processed meats) can reduce the risk of type II diabetes.
  • Cancers – red meat and processed meats have been classified as ‘carcinogenic’ by the World Health Organization based on colorectal cancer evidence. Conversely, a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fiber may actually decrease the risk of several types of cancers.

Hold Your Own Meatless Monday

We invite you to give Meatless Monday a try with some of our favorite meatless recipes:

Quick and Healthy Meatless Meals

An internet search will provide more options for meatless meals. Some of our favorites include:

Meatless Monday Recipes

Meatless Monday Pinterest Board

Eating Well: Meatless Monday Recipes

For More Information about Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday was introduced in 2003 as a public health campaign and is now “celebrated” in 44 countries around the globe.

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