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Published on June 09, 2020

Self-care and Concierge Medicine

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Over the past year and beyond, self-care has remained a trending topic in the social and traditional media realm alike.

From a friends’ post about a spa day on Instagram, to articles about the health benefits of making time for yourself to unwind, recent conversation surrounding self-care has empowered many to reflect on their proactive contributions to their health and well-being, and adopt new habits and lifestyle priorities that promote longevity.

Though while focusing on self-care goals like drinking more water and sticking to a reasonable bedtime is important for your health, it is equally important to ensure you have a health partner to support your care goals in all aspects of your life as an extension of your self-care.

The concept of personalized, or concierge, medicine grew from just that—the idea that your primary care provider should be an extension of your whole approach to a healthy lifestyle, beyond your scheduled appointments, to be available when and where you need them with care tailored to your goals, and complementary to your own daily approach.

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine got its start right here, in Seattle. In general, most concierge medicine practices feature:

  • scheduling convenience, shorter wait times for appointments and 24/7 access to physicians, including medical advice while traveling.
  • low patient to doctor ratios that lead to increased face time; this allows your doctor to be in tune with your health habits and the other genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors influencing your wellness.
  • focus on personalized and preventative medicine in addition to treatment of any medical issues; many practices also often include access to dietitians and exercise physiologists.
  • greater coordination between specialists.

Other concierge medicine practices, like EvergreenHealth Signature Care, offer unique extended services as a part of your or your family’s membership, such as:

  • yoga classes
  • cooking classes
  • home visits
  • wellness programs that target your personal goals
  • quarterly appointments with our nutritionist and our exercise physiologist
  • invitations to private health-related events.

Curious about concierge medicine?

Learn more about the benefits of concierge medicine and how our Signature Care providers can support your personalized goals for your whole picture health and wellness.

We also invite you to schedule a meet and greet to get all your questions answered and learn more about whether concierge medicine is right for you and your family.

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