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Published on June 09, 2020

A Simple Mesh Repair Gave Me My Life Back

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About 6 years ago now I had a mesh repair to correct a rectal prolapse (rectocele).  At the time there was not as much information available for women on the pros and cons of mesh.  I promptly developed problems with painful sex and severe pelvic pain even when I was not having intercourse.

After surgery I communicated this to my doctor but ultimately I did not feel like my problem was taken seriously.  My relationship and quality of life began to suffer significantly and I began to feel not only depressed but physically very tired.

I was told that there was “nothing wrong” and that the prolapse was fixed so there was no further treatment needed. For a while, I did not even see doctors because I was so mad about my pain and was resentful because I felt like I had been blown off.

I sought a second opinion and was terrified because I was told that major corrective surgery possibly using an abdominal incision was needed. Finally the pain and impact on my marriage became severe enough that I decided to try one more time.  At this point I was in daily pain and to make matters worse had not had sexual intercourse with my husband in approximately 2.5 years. I saw a doctor at Athena for a third opinion.

After she examined me she determined that parts of my mesh repair were anchored too tightly and causing pain.  She said we should start first with a simple approach through the vagina to minimize risk of complications. I was relieved to hear that a minor revision of the mesh might relieve my pain and that I could go home the same day.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous but I decided that given how much pain I was in that surgery was worth a try.  Well, the surgery went great, and just like she said I went home the day of surgery with minimal pain.  In fact, almost immediately I noticed relief of my pain even though I had just had surgery!  I could not believe it.

Once I had healed from my surgery, she sent me to physical therapy so I could rehabilitate my muscles and treat the scar tissue in hopes that would further alleviate my pain.  And it did!  I am happy to report that I am living nearly pain free and can once again have intercourse.  Each day I feel like I improve a little bit and because of that my spirits are better.  I can actually smile now and feel hopeful about my future.

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