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Published on June 15, 2020

Pelvic Pain No More, Love Life Restored

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I was seen one year ago at Athena for severe pain with sexual activity that was bad enough that I had never been able to have intercourse.  When I was first married I had never been sexually active and on the night of our wedding I found out I was unable to have sex.  The pain with our attempt at penetration was so severe that it brought me to tears. Even though I was aroused and had full desire for my partner, my body wouldn’t work like what you see in the movies or what my friends had told me sex was like.

My partner and I were crushed. I felt very embarrassed and had no idea where to go. Even though we were in our late 20s we found ourselves doing research on infertility treatments which was a shock in and of itself.

We searched online where we learned about a disorder called vaginismus which is where the vaginal muscles are too tight for penetration and intercourse is unbearably painful.  During my online search, I found Athena and came in for a consultation.

I had been too scared to tell any of my friends or even my primary care doctor.  At the first visit, I was surprised and relieved to hear my doctor tell me that “lots of women have this problem” and that it was “very treatable.”  She told me that my muscles were tightly knit kind of like a muscle cramp.  I was sent for pelvic floor physical therapy where a skilled therapist gently stretches the vaginal muscles.  I thought that was the strangest thing in the world but it is also the best thing that happened to me because I had huge improvement with this treatment.

Unfortunately, it was not quite enough for me to have comfortable sex so when my doctor examined me again she determined that the next step would be to use a small dose of Botox (a muscle relaxer injected into muscles) to fully treat my problem. I was eager start a family and followed her advice. After the injection I could not believe the improvement I saw.  I am now able to have pain-free intercourse. My husband and I are very thankful for the treatment I received and are now actively trying to conceive.

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