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Published on June 05, 2020

Starting an Exercise Program

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Day 1:  Timed walk with a watch. Walk until you have to stop for any reason (fatigue, short of breath, pain, boredom). Record the time.

Day 2:  Rest

Day 3:  Walk half the time of day 1

Day 4:  Walk half the time of day 1

Day 5:  Rest

Day 6:  Walk same time as day 3 plus 2-5 minutes

Day 7 and beyond:  add 2-5 minutes every third day of exercise taking no more than two days off per week.

When you are walking 30-45 minutes per day, five or more days per week, you now have a regular exercise program.

It's okay to substitute biking (outdoors or stationary), elliptical trainer or swimming so long as you time your sessions, start slowly and steadily increase your times.

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